Strategic Plan

The strategy of TPLC is to win more customers and to create maximum awareness in the public locally. With the actual economic conditions and with massive investment in new technologies in Mauritius, TPLC has the biggest opportunity and all that it needs to be successful locally and regionally (mainly in Africa).


TPLC is ready to face competition coherently regardless of how tough and aggressive its competitors might be. The management team has the challenge to find new tactics so that TPLC can adjust itself to the rapid changes that are actually occurring. They are constantly innovating in order to secure their position in the market. TPLC also has the mission to be in close contact with its target markets at all times to be able to adjust its services to their needs. TPLC aims at:


  • Being perceived by customers and other interest groups as a first class provider of certifications & diplomas with worldwide recognition.
  • Obtaining accreditation and franchise from other worldwide providers in their respective fields.
  • Being an organisation to offer IT diplomas blended with Vendor/ Product Certifications.
  • Being an organisation to offer industrial placements to students.
  • Maximising revenue on courses by operating fully booked classrooms both during office and after office hours.
  • presenting itself as a powerful brand, which commands confidence and efficiency
  • Consolidating their leadership position as regards IT training.
  • Achieving a student population of 250-300 full-timers and some 250-300 part-timers.


1st Floor, Fon Sing Building
12 Edith Cavell Street,
Port Louis,

Tel: +230 213 2626
Fax: +230 214 2047